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Orobix AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace
Orobix AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace



20 April 2022

Orobix AI-solutions now available on Azure Marketplace

Meanwhile, a merger between Tensorwerk, a startup born within Orobix and Grid.AI, a New York-based tech company, has been announced

Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers worldwide will now have access to Artificial Intelligence solutions from Orobix, Antares Vision Group's Bergamo-based subsidiary, and they will take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security of Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


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Applications available will be:

  • AI-go (Artificial Intelligence suite designed to solve manufacturing vision inspection tasks (like classification, segmentation, and OCR), making AI performance accessible to everybody);
  • (Real-time AI solution for anomaly detection on industrial data collected from IoT sensors and production processes, to deal with unplanned production stops and decrease of production quality);
  • Op.pla (Industrial production planning and control software: buffer management for mid-term scheduling and continuous monitoring).


"We are proud of having our products available through multiple channels because having our expertise embedded into ready-to-use solutions has made it significantly easier for our clients to adopt artificial intelligence. Our mission is to have AI employed and generate value where it truly matters. Thanks to our team's work, we have made this opportunity even more accessible than in the past." Stefano Dalla Palma - AI Business Developer, said.


In the meantime, the merger between Tensorwerk, a startup born inside Oròbix focused on developing open-source software for Machine Learning, and Grid.AI, a New York-based tech company from the creator of PyTorch Lightning, has been announced.
“We are pleased to see the value of Tensorwerk's technologies developed over the last two years in a company with a very innovative business model and exponential growth as Grid.AI,” commented Pietro Rota, CEO and Co-Founder of Oròbix. “By working with Grid and the PyTorch Lightning community, our goal is to serve that community more effectively and more profoundly than ever before,” added Luca Antiga - CEO and Co-Founder – of Tensorwerk.      


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