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Smart Agrifood: Let's Reap the Benefits of Digital Innovation!
Smart Agrifood: Let's Reap the Benefits of Digital Innovation!



22 April 2022

Smart Agrifood: Let's Reap the Benefits of Digital Innovation!

A network of research institutions and companies has become the point of reference in Italy for understanding the digital innovations that are transforming the agricultural and agrifood supply chain

On March 15, the fifth conference was held in Milan to present the results of the Smart AgriFood Observatory, promoted by Politecnico di Milano, RISE (Research and Innovation for Smart Enterprises), and the University of Brescia.


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The Smart AgriFood Observatory is a network of research institutions and companies. It has become the reference point in Italy to understand the digital innovations (process, infrastructure, application, HW, and SW) that are transforming the agricultural and agri-food chain, unifying the main skills needed: economic management, technological and agronomic.

Antares Vision Group Smart Agrifood

Therefore, it was an opportunity to take stock of digital innovations in the agricultural and agri-food supply chain, from Agriculture 4.0 to food traceability.


The data presented highlighted the needs and opportunities of a market where Antares Vision Group is developing and providing the best solutions for tracking, digitization, and data analysis to ensure supply chain transparency, security, anti-counterfeiting, and product quality origin.

  • The value of agribusiness in Italy is 538 billion euros, 25% of GDP.
  • The Export share in 2021 weighed 53 billion and had an increase of 11% (well +29% in the wine sector).
  • The PDO and PGI sectors of certified quality are worth 17 billion (over 4%) and are the most dynamic.


On the topic of "Traceability," where Antares Vision Group is a world leader, it was found that 89% of companies use digital solutions for food tracking, and 47% of companies will invest in tracking innovation in the next three years.
The annual growth rate of tracking solutions worldwide is 10.2%, so much so that traceability turnover is expected to grow from $4.54 billion in 2020 to $9.75 billion in 2028.


The observatory pointed out that "Food traceability is increasingly becoming a relevant driver of choice for consumers, hungry for information such as origin, processing methods, environmental and social sustainability of the products they bring on their table."

Out of a sample of 1,000 consumers, more than half declare that they always, or at least often, look for information related to the traceability of the food they buy. The Italianness of the brand and the origin of the raw material are the factors that most influence the purchase — followed by the search for a quality brand, the principles of sustainability, residues, and production methods.


However, there is still a lack of a common platform accessible by digital tools to share and acquire information neutral and certified.
The proprietary website remains the most consulted source to find product information (60%), followed by scanning the QR code on the label (38%).

Finally, the most critical drivers of innovation found by the Observatory are precisely those that characterize the value proposition of Antares Vision Group:

  • improving the processes of "Track&Trace" for Food Safety,
  • improving the efficiency of Supply Chain processes, visibility, and coordination,
  • improving the methods of verification and control of sustainable practices,
  • increasing product information and quality enhancement.


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